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Biography of Timothy LuCarelli

Mr. LuCarelli started investing in the early 1980's under the tutelage of his father who is an avid stock investor. In 1988 Mr. LuCarelli was invited to join a group trading Swiss Franc and D-Mark currency futures on one of the first electronic platforms. Because of his love for economics coupled with his new found interest in currencies Mr. LuCarelli's investment career blossomed progressing to interest rates and equities managing all aspects of investments.
As his career developed Mr. LuCarelli authored worldwide investment newsletters and wrote many articles on economics, interest rates and currencies. He has managed money and performed various hedging strategies in a variety of situations. He is passionate about the quantification of technical and fundamental analysis, economics, the markets and developing accurate trading strategies.
Mr. LuCarelli is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago. His thesis Risk and Money Management of Investments won the school's top award for his graduating year.